Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welding Cap Directions

Okay after waiting forever, here is the directions for putting the welding cap together.
You need two fat quaters, either contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics.
First you need to cut out 2 of each pattern pieces for the sides, back and again for the front and 1 strip of fabric for the headband and 1 for the bill.
You will have a total of 8 pieces for each color fabric.
Now sew 1 front piece to the side and 1 back piece to the other side of the side piece. Do it again with the remaining 3 pieces per color. Then place the panels together right sides together lining up your seams. Sew along the rounded edge fron end to end. This is the beanie cap. Now sew the strip for the band along the lower edge.
You will then repeat all steps to your contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics.
To make the bill you will place a bill pattern piece down on top of the contrasting bill piece right sides together. Sew all along the round edge. Turn right side out and press. Pin the bill raw edge against the outside raw edge of one of the finished cap edges upside down.
Place the other finished cap right side against the other. Sew together leaving an opening about 3 inches unsewn. Pull the entire cap through the opening. Adjusting and finger press the cap band and sew along the whole entire cap edge to close up the opening and give it a finished appearance. Now you're done.