Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Gone By

I know it's been awhile but time seems to be going so fast. I spent my summer sewing a few pieces of clothes for the youngest granddaughter and learning how to work with polymer clay. I saw a altered bottle on Flickr and fell in love. Isn't is just gorgeous! I figured that if you just wrap snakes of clay and add a few indents then bake. You would do a quick paint job and wipe that off. This is what you get. Right? Well not quite. Because mine keep flattening out and just doesn't look the same. But I'll keep working on it. Heaven knows I'm no quitter. Although I have a ton of UFOs, I eventually get back to them and finish.
Right now I am working a boutique style hair bows too. My youngest granddaughter started school a couple of weeks ago and will not go without a bow in her hair. I never realized just how young they become little divas. But at 4 she is definitely a diva with very strong opinions, likes and dislikes.