Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Good Place To Rest.

My hubby and I went visiting recently. We went to our son's camp up in Clay,West Virginia.

He own's a bit of land with a very small cabin on it. Such a beautiful, quiet place to visit when things get a bit too stressful. This picture was taken from a small deck over looking the Elk River.

The over hanging trees lent an aura of seclusion. We watched a few fish swim past as well as a snake slithering through the water. We saw deer tracks along the river bank. By the time we left I felt at peace. Boy we're gonna have to do that again real soon. Hubby wants to go fishing there soon. Fine with me. Although I do fish some. I'll take a book and maybe some type of small craft to do and he can fish all day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Mother's Day Purse

Got up this morning and made this small purse. Along with the change purse and travel tissue cover. It took me an hour to draft the pattern and another 2 to make it.
It was fairly easy to make. Cut 2 panels of fabric 11 x 9 for the outer purse and 2 of the interfacing (rounding off the bottom corners). Cut 1 strip 4" by 25" for the gusset and 1 for the interfacing. Cut 1 strip 3" x 24" for the handle and 1 for the interfacing.
This will construct the outer purse. For the lining I cut 2 lining pieces 11 x 9 , 1 strip 4" x 25". And put them together like I did the outer pieces. I did add a pocket inside and a magnetic snap for closure. The tissue pack cover I found at and the change purse is just two squares of fabric with a zippered opening.
I finished it and sat down. Dumped all my things out of my old purse and began filling my new one up. But even after down sizing the new summery purse was still too small for all my things. Such a shame! I guess, I'll be making a larger purse for my self after all. My little Mother's Day purse will be going into my craftshoww bin for this coming September Fall Festival.

Bitty Baby Shoes

I made another pair of baby shoes. I like making them and think they are really cute but I need to figure out a way to make a lining for the inside. I don't like the way the seams show inside. But they sure are cheap to make. I bought a 9x11 sheet of felt at Walmart for about .39 and made the little flowers from a bit of yarn I had laying around. If you would like to make a pair or two. Simply google your browser "How to make baby shoes", you will get dozens of instructions free.
I believe these were called Chinese Slippers. Although I didn't add the straps to the top.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Color Of Ribbons

I was browsing the net today and came across this interesting tidbit.
I had no idea that every color of ribbon meant something.
So for those who didn't know either. Here ya go. Although if you look at the yellow...
I thought it meant something else. And Red means Heart Health.
Also add Red,White and Blue is U.S.A.

Another Outfit

Made another outfit for the youngest grandbaby. I used the same pattern as the previous picture of outfit. Just changed it up abit. She is growing so fast. My daughter can hardly keep her in clothes. So I went to Walmart and bought several yards of cotton fabric for $2.44 each. So the outfit cost me 2.44 plus tax. Not bad and it took me about 3 hours to make it. I wish I had more time in my day. Like everyone else I guess. I am also trying to work on some craft show items. Every year the fall craft shows sneak up on me so I'm up to midnight crafting for about 2 weeks before. Well, I decided that was not going to happen this year. But you can bet that.... I will be up to midnight every night for about 2 weeks before the shows any way. No matter how much I get done, it would be enough or I'll think it's not.