Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well another year has come and gone. This being the 30th. Did you do everything you wanted to this year? I most certainly didn't. But the good thing is Friday starts the beginning of a new year and all the possibilities.
Do you have your resolutions ready? Mine are simple.... loss weight, try to save a few bucks and be more open to people and things. I plan on trying to sew at least 15 minutes a day. Don't sound like much but you would be suprised just what can get accomplished in so little effort and time.
I also want to try to learn a new craft. Like I really need to spend more on craft supplies (which have almost taken up the entire house). I also am going to try to clean on the house 30 minutes or so a day. Even when the crafting bug has got me. Well anyhow, just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year! Be careful and be safe.
Huggles until next year...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twilight Tote

Well I finally finished the Twilight Tote for my granddaughter. I bought a Twilight calendar and cut out the pictures. I then sandwiched them between heavy clear vinyl I bought at Walmart. Sewed them up like you would a juice pouch purse. I then added a large grommet to either side and threaded strapping into the grommets. I did made a big mistake, if you look at the side of the first picture you will see how the vinyl slid as I was sewing it together. If you have ever worked with vinyl you know how unforging it can be. Once sewn you can not pick the stitches out and resew them. and you have to use a vinyl foot or a walking foot to get the vinyl to slide through.
Edward is on one side, Bella is on the other. The sides have all the characters and the inside is Edward and Jacob.
Even with the mistakes I hope she likes it.
I did find several Twilight purses on the web but didn't want to pay their prices.
I am thinkiing of making a matching change purse to go with it... we'll see.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Little Down

Woke up this morning to this outside my front door. Had my day all planned but sadly it's not happening. Although the roads appear to be fine my dear hubby is terrified of driving in the snow. My daughter is having a dessert swap party this evening, my car is broke down and I can not drive my hubby's truck so.... I am sitting here feeling a bit sorry for myself.
Although the snow is gorgeous, earlier it looked like a winter wonderland but we were not expecting quite so much of the stuff.
At least it's the weekend and there are not too many travellers.
I was hoping for a great weekend with my birthday tomorrow. Oh well.....