Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have recently became enthralled with tags. Tags being gift tags that you use on presents. But to be honest with you I think are way to pretty to go on something that with be thrown away along with the gift wrapping. So after looking at many for a couple of weeks decided this morning to try my hand at making one. I use scrapbooking card stock, a few card making stick ons, a wee bit of pearl stems, snipped off a little bit of artifial flowers, added 2 different ribbons and a butterfly button.

I guess you are only limited by your imagination and you resources.

I really didn't have alot to work with but I think it turned out rather cute.

If I were going to get into it big I could probably spend a fortune. But I am a cheapskate at heart and so mine will never rival those tags that I am in love with. Oh well just as well. Just wanted to share.

Until next time peeps, Happy Crafting

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Evidently they have been around for awhile but I have not seen it until 2 weeks ago. This site allows you to collect pictures and urls of things, places and styles that inspire you. You can collect pictures of what you like by surfing the web, going to sites you love or by joining and looking at what others have posted on their pin boards. You pin or repin pictures onto your pinterest board.

I have become addicted to Pinterest. In the last 2 weeks I have visited dozens of blogs where the blogger has tutorial and how tos of just about anything. Did you know you can make your own cleaning supplies for a fraction of retail cost? Well, I didn't know until Pinterest.

Did you know that you could make beautiful furntishings from old shipping pallets? Me either but there are dozens of people out there who make beds, couches, tables, shelves ect... from shipping pallets. You remember right before Christmas I was doing all the gifts handmade? I will be very prepared next Christmas. As a matter of fact I have become so inspired by the DIYs that I am so motivated to make some changes at my house.

Although I am not quite sure which room I will begin with. My kitchen does need a new coat of paint so I will probably begin there along with the hall way that is sort of attached to the kitchen.

Was thinking of maybe a light orange walls with accents in Dark orange with a touch of teal.

What do you think about repainting all the picture frames down the hall a dark orange and adding dark orange knobs to my white cabinets? I thought then maybe a few tall bottles spray painted teal to set on top of the frig?

I don't know the last time I had a vision for my kitchen it went horribly wrong and it took me 5 years to change it. HeHe

Buying the paint next week so we will see.

Well gotta run, if you want to follow me on Pinterest go to the right hand side and look at the "Places I visit" catagory. It's the first one.

until next time my lovelies, Happy Crafting