Saturday, May 18, 2013

Make your own tic tac toe board travel pack

Saw these cute little tic tac toe travel totes on Pinterest one day and decided to make some. I seem to always be looking for things to do with my grandchildren and just fell in love with these. All you need are:
4 squares of felt and a little ribbon. I cut 2 sheets of felt 8" x 8" square. Then I cut 4 strips in a different color 1/2" x 8". And cut 2" pieces of ribbon 12" long. I then pinned the strips of ribbon evenly to One piece of felt and the two ribbons as shown. You can check your placement by looking at the picture. Sew the strips and ribbon onto the 1 piece of felt.  I then made a pocket and sewed it to the other piece of felt, making sure to only sew the sides and bottom making a pocket. Then I put the 2 pieces together and simply sewed them together.  For the X's and O's I just cut the shapes out of 2 different colors of felt. Now I'm not a very good cutter without some sort of pattern but I think the letters turned out okay. You do not have to limit yourself Be creative... You can do any shapes you want. For example make stars and half moons or if you really want to make it special spend a little time and make doggies and kitties as you Xs and Os.
My granddaughter loved this tote so much. I made 1 for her to take home, 1 for my house and a couple of more just cause they were very cute.
Well until next time.
Happy crafting