Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's have a Labor Day Party

Here it is the last day of August. Where did the summer go? One last time to have a party before we get back into the work and school routines. I was looking for some cute ideas to use as party favors and found these on Ebay. These would be easy to do... purchase a dozen or so of these plastic parfait tumblers and 2 or so dozen washcloths, some contrasting or matching ribbon and a few fake pieces of fruit. Although you could use Femo clay and make your own fruit. Twist the washcloths together. Wrap with the ribbon and place them into the tumblers. Add a plastic spoon or those twisty straws. You now have some adorable party favors for that end of summer Labor Day Party or Picnic. These would also be quite appropriate for birthday parties. Forgo the napkins and let them use these.
As I always say... you have to love the ingenuity of people. I have no imagination to come up with these ideas but I can usually figure out how they did it and make my own. Can you believe we only have less than 4 months until Christmas? That is amazing! I'm not sure exactly what I'll do for Christmas this year. Going to have to search the web for some frugal Christmas ideas. I heard that the U.S. is running out of sugar. Can't make holiday cookies and sweets without sugar. I'm going to have to stockpile sugar for the holidays I guess. It has already began to get more expensive.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

For those of you who like recipes I found a great one for PeanutButter Cookies
3 ingredients is all it takes.

1 cup of peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
1 egg (beaten)
1 cup of sugar ( I prefer Dominos)

Mix the 3 ingredients together. Form dough into teaspoon size balls.
Place on a greased cookie sheet. Press down with a fork.
Bake about 10 minutes or so, until light or golden brown (your preference)
in 350* degree oven.
Allow to cool slightly then remove from sheet pan.

I know it sounds weird but it works and tastes great.

Got a Bee in My Bonnet

You could say I have a Bee in my bonnet cause I have been as busy as a bee making do-rags and bonnets this week. Just some more things for the craft shows coming up. I'm not sure about bonnets around the fall time of year but do-rags sell well here in West Virginia. I am the only one here that sells a larger size do-rag. Most of the do-rags you buy don't really fit a larger head or head with hair. My sister not too long ago asked me to make her several for someone she knows that has a ton of hair and the regular sizes just wouldn't fit him. So I drew up a larger one and they sell well. If you would like the pattern you can go to my tutorial site and download your own to make. It's over on the right side of screen here.

And just to let those of you who have been following this for awhile. My niece's baby shower was the other day. It was a lovely shower. My sister did all the decorations. Most from balloons. She did one of those balloon arches over the gift table. She also did a balloon topiary tree center piece for each table. That was really cool looking. She took a piece of 6" x 6" wood, drilled a small hole in the center then put a length of dowel rod in the center. She then attached balloons in several section along with ribbon and added a balloon animal that she did herself. I was really impressed with the balloon animals (Tigger, Pooh, weenie dogs, elephants and a few more). She got the directions for them on youtube.
It's amazing what one can find on youtube. Every time I look for an idea, I go there and find something worth the trip.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Much to do and so little time....

There is too much to do and so little time to get it done. If my day was only a few hours longer or I required a little less sleep.

I am almost ready for the fall show.

Here I have made a few little cold weather caps and matching booties.

The cap is so easy to make. Simply start with a double layer of fleece measuring 7 inches across and 11 high now round off the top of it to make a cap. Sew all along the sides leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out and fold up to form the brim. Tack in place... you're done!

Fleece is very stretchy so the tiny little cap will fit a newborn up to about a 1/2 year. Fleece comes in so many gorgeous patterns and colors it can become addicting.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trying My Hand at a Diaper Car

I saw something like this similar online several weeks ago and was telling my Mom just how cute I thought it was. Mom needed a baby shower gift so asked me to make one for her to give. After studying the picture for a bit I came up with this little cutie. Actually it's not so little. It contains 56 diapers, 2 bottles, a pair of baby footies, 2 recieving blankets, a fleece blanket, a tub of wipes, a nipple and cap holder for the dishwasher and a bib I made.
It did take some time and a few trys but here it is. I also couldn't figure a way to keep the tires on without tying them on.
I don't know what possesses me at times. I always feel like I need to be creating something. Feeds a need I have wanting to be useful, I guess.