Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? It has been almost 9 months since I posted. Is that possible? I bet you all forgot about me. I have been busy with work, making things for baby showers and just plain ol being lazy. Yes you can be busy being lazy. Here it is March and looking out the window to snow coming down. Darnit I had plans for the day that did not include snow.
Anyways, both my daughter and daughter in law have decided to do their livingrooms and kitchens in primative. I browsed the web and came across alot of wonderful prim designs. These little star wall hangings will fit the bill nicely. I traced out some stars like these and cut about 1 dozen in 2 diffenert sizes. Now if I can get my hubby to get his dremel and some sand paper out of his building... I plan on painting them, sanding them alittle and hang them with some old wire. Then I'll add a saying on each one. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures when I get them done. I lost my camera cable and have no idea where it can be. Living in a very small house you tend to lose things in all the clutter. I know I should throw stuff away but I always think I might need it later. No I'm not a hoarder per say. But I have a really hard time throwing away craft supplies. I will eventually use them. I have things for years and not use them then one day I'll decide to do that particular craft again and I dont have to go buy that many supplies because I saved the bulk.