Sunday, November 11, 2012

November already?

It's November already? Seems like summer was just yesterday.  I have been crafting and searching for new ideas for Christmas gifts. I found this idea on Pinterest.  All you need is a 4" clay pot with a clay saucer. A little glass craft bowl, ribbon, pain, E 6000 and a little wooden ball. I got the clay pot and saucer at Michael's for under 2.00. I bought the bowl and ribbon at The Dollar Tree for 2.00, added a bag of candy 1.00. I glued the wooden ball to the center of the bottom side of saucer.
So I painted the pot and saucer, let them dry and added some brown dots of paint. Let that dry and glued the bowl to the upside down clay pot. I let it dry for 2 days just to make sure it was really dry. Tied a ribbon around it, added the candy.
I think it turned out really cute and made a cute gift for under 5.00
Although Michael's was limited on clay pots and the matching saucers. I also added some brown dots to the lid after I took this photo.
Right now I am making a felt basket as a gift.
I'll post it when I'm finished with it.
So what are you working on? Do you make homemade gifts? I always make some gifts for Christmas. Last year I made a ton of handcrafted scarves, coasters and other things. I was disappointed afterwards. I worked really hard and long. I put a lot of thought and energy into those items I made. Only to see no one wearing the things or displaying what I had given them. I guess some people don't appreciate the effort. So this year I will not be killing myself to get it all done. I will make a few things to give to those who appreciates handcrafted gifts other than that I won't give the others anything. Does that sound mean or selfish?  The people I gave these things to wanted the more expensive gift items and because they don't do any crafting,, they do not realize the amount of effort that goes into it.. Now if I had bought the same gift and it came with a large price tag or brand name they would have been tickled pink. But I know from past experiences that people think because I craft , it was inexpensive. My daughter always comes to mind in these cases. Since I have crafted her whole life she showed little appreciation for these things. It has only been in the last couple of years that she is starting to show some love for the handcrafted item.
So is life I guess..... well until next time
Happy Crafting!