Saturday, June 19, 2010

Been gone way too long

Wow has it really been almost 2 months since I last posted. Sorry about that. I seem to be in a funk right now. I did buy and make a few of the glass tile jewelry necklaces. Thet turned out really cute. I really need to post pictures of them. I'll try to do it soon. I am stuck in a rut and have been playing those silly games on FaceBook. If you are a Facebook person then you know the ones I'm referring. I got started a couple of months ago when a co worker kept badgering me to join Farmville and be his neighbor. I finally gave in and it has become almost an obsession. Farmville, Petville, Zoo Paradise, Island Life, Frontierville, not to mention the dozen I finally quit. It has taken over my life. I have to get busy on making things so plan on giving up all but two maybe three of them. I really like Farmville and Frontierville and my grandkids keep asking me not to quit them. You know what a pushover I am with them. Anyways, I'll try to keep you updated more often. Well, I need to go check my crops on Farmville. LOL I'll see ya soon. Until then....,. happy crafting.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My newest venture

My Newest Craft Hopeful.... Scrabble Tile Jewelry.
This is a beautiful example of tile jewelry. These belong to Victoriasgould at ArtFire.
I have in the last couple of days started thinking about starting my crafting for the fall craft shows. Now to be honest with you, I haven't done any crafting or sewing for several months. I'm funny like that. I will go months and months crafting or sewing then suffer serious burnout and completely stop doing any of it for a couple of months.

So trying to decide something that people would like to buy, cost effective, looks professional after it's completed and that is interesting or fun to work on is a big factor.

I know that I will be doing tutus again only this time I know to do lots of pinks and purples.

I will not be making shoes since I have alot of those left from last year.

I am thinking of doing tile jewelry. Although I've never done any. I am intrigued with this technique and the simplicity of making these. If there is a paper or card out there with a design you like you can make it into a beautiful piece.
I'll let you know when I get to do some.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welding Cap Directions

Okay after waiting forever, here is the directions for putting the welding cap together.
You need two fat quaters, either contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics.
First you need to cut out 2 of each pattern pieces for the sides, back and again for the front and 1 strip of fabric for the headband and 1 for the bill.
You will have a total of 8 pieces for each color fabric.
Now sew 1 front piece to the side and 1 back piece to the other side of the side piece. Do it again with the remaining 3 pieces per color. Then place the panels together right sides together lining up your seams. Sew along the rounded edge fron end to end. This is the beanie cap. Now sew the strip for the band along the lower edge.
You will then repeat all steps to your contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics.
To make the bill you will place a bill pattern piece down on top of the contrasting bill piece right sides together. Sew all along the round edge. Turn right side out and press. Pin the bill raw edge against the outside raw edge of one of the finished cap edges upside down.
Place the other finished cap right side against the other. Sew together leaving an opening about 3 inches unsewn. Pull the entire cap through the opening. Adjusting and finger press the cap band and sew along the whole entire cap edge to close up the opening and give it a finished appearance. Now you're done.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Biggest Apologies to Everyone

I owe everyone a Huge Apology.... First because I haven't kept up with the comments. Secondly because I told everyone last year when I posted the welding caps, that if they emailed me, I would send them the pattern to the welding caps. Stupidly thinking that comments would be send to my inbox. So here I am with mud on my face.

So to make it up to everyone... I will post a tutorial with step by step pictures on here in the next couple of days. I would do it tonight but it's late and I have to be up very early (4:00 am) to go to work. I'm sorry for the confusion (mostly on my part).
I will try to email people that sent in a comment.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beer Carton Cowboy Hat

Although I donot drink beer, I was asked to try to do a cowboy hat made from the empty beer cartons several years ago when recycled crafts were all the rage. Recycled hats, recycled juice pouch purses and accessories. Everyone wanted to learn how to make purses from empty juice pouches like capri sun and Koolaid juice pouches. Then people got even more creative and started making purses, hats and accessories out of just about anything you can think of potato chip bags, pepsi cartons sandwiched between clear vinyl,dog food bags, coffee sacks, even beer cartons... like this cowboy hat. People were selling these at craft shows for around 25.00 to 35.00. This actually is made from 2 beer cartons. I fiddled with several before I was able to make it. I posted a tutorial on my tut site; if interested you can find the step by step instructions free
Yes some say they are a bit tacky but rednecks up my way love this stuff. You know someone like that... beer drinkin, truck drivin, fun lovin, just a good ol' boy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Money Tree

I love making these. Can't figure out what to get that special person as a gift. So you decided to give them money. Well make them a money tree. It's easy to do and quite the crowd pleaser. I made this one for my nephew. I took a fallen branch from the yard (about 18" tall), I added some metal garland sold at the Dollar Tree for 1.00. I wrapped all the branches with this then I added flowers to every other branch with hot glue. Planted it into a piece of styrafoam and placed it into a cheap clay pot about $1.00. Then I added some peat moss which I hot glued in place. Next I pleated about 10 one dollar bills and 2 five dollar bills and used some floral wire to tie them onto the branches of the tree.
I have in the past glued those chocolate money coins on the branches as well.
If you are going to do one. Think up themes and try to add the themed items to the tree as well. If you are doing one for a golfer... you could attach a few golf balls to the base and attach the tees by dangling them from the branches. If you know a kid or grown up who is crazy for cars. Dangle some match box cars from the branches. You are only limited by your imagination.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Angel Cross Stitching

I began cross stitching years ago but only do it from time to time. I made this little bag for my oldest granddaughter to carry. First I cross stitched by hand on Ada then used the panel and fabric. Just did a quick casing top and ran a ribbon through to use as handles. She said she liked it but she is almost 13 and into a bit more adult themes. Oh well I enjoyed making it. I have had an embroidery machine for several years now but I still like to do it by hand in front of the TV sometimes. Most of the time when you google embroidery patterns you get machine embroidery designs. There are less and less hand embroidery designs available as time goes by. Does that mean that it to is a dying art like sewing? Life has become so convenient and hurried that no one wants to learn the art of crafting. In my job place out of a few hundred people you can count on one hand the people who actually sewing or so do any hand crafts. This is so sad and I think it has also caused the price of fabrics, threads and yarns to become pricey. Not enough people doing it for the companies to make alot of money without charging an arm and leg. If you are a sewist (sounds better than sewer) how many times have people found out you can sew and hit you up to do alterations and mending for them. And if they offer to pay you ... it's no where near what you should get for your services. Funny how every body wants you to do it just not willing to pay what you're worth. Would they go into Olen Mills or a mechanics shop and ask they to do a job for them and then give them some sort of monetary compensation? I think not!
Okay... I'm climbing down off my soap box.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Totes

I haven't done any crafting since Christmas... maybe burn out at the moment. I think I spend so much time the last 6 months of the year getting ready for the craft shows and then Christmas that I usually take a month off before the urge to craft hits me again. Anyways I thought I'd share with you some things I've done Like my Christmas totes. I made the blue snowman tote for my daughter and the red one for my Mom for Christmas. Of course they got them early in December so they could use them before it was over. I usually draft out my own patterns so these were 12" tall by 14" wide by 3" deep. They look taller in the picture. They are lined with pockets and have a magnetic snap closure. The trim is crocheted fun fur yarn sewn on. Matching checkbook covers and change purses complete the onsom. They loved them. If I had been thinking I would have embroidered Mom's name along the bottom but oh well.....