Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Twilight

With all the hectic activities this week... I did want to get on here today and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I haven't done alot of crafting lately. Can't seem to get in the mood. I have so much crafting to do before Christmas but I don't want to do it. Have you had days, weeks or months like that?
I did go Christmas shopping today. Managed to get something or two for all the grandchildren, my daughter and my Mom and Dad.
I did buy everything for the Thanksgiving feast. Although I won't be cooking at home this year. Since my son is going to his in laws for Thanksgiving, doing some hunting too. We will be going to my daughters for Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will get a chance to go to Mom's too.
It's a shame to cook for days and days and eat it all in an hour or two. The cost is aweful too.
My daughter and I split the items for the meal so it didn't cost an arm and leg. But it is still too expensive.
Did anyone get a chance to go see Twilight's New Moon this weekend?
My granddaughter is a huge fan (Twihards) is the new term I believe. One step higher than a twilighter. Anyways, all her friends had plans and she was so excited to see it. Her Mom didn't want to go.... So she called me and asked if I would like to see it with her. I jumped at the chance. Not because of the movie but getting to spend time with her. To be a part of her world even for a short time. Now understand my granddaughter and I are very close but to a 12 year old I at 50 am ancient.
Hot Topics called her name ... so we went to the mall before the movies. I did get a few hints as to Christmas presents.
Although I have not seen the first Twilight, I must say I did enjoy the movie.
The teens in the movie are a bit sadder than I like, brooding and deep but I can see why so many teen plus are drawn into the plot and characters. All in all a good time with her.

I purchased a Twilight calendar the other day and will be trying my hand at making her a Twilight purse. If I manage it I'll post the outcome.
Well untill next time....
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and try not to eat until you explode.

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