Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have recently became enthralled with tags. Tags being gift tags that you use on presents. But to be honest with you I think are way to pretty to go on something that with be thrown away along with the gift wrapping. So after looking at many for a couple of weeks decided this morning to try my hand at making one. I use scrapbooking card stock, a few card making stick ons, a wee bit of pearl stems, snipped off a little bit of artifial flowers, added 2 different ribbons and a butterfly button.

I guess you are only limited by your imagination and you resources.

I really didn't have alot to work with but I think it turned out rather cute.

If I were going to get into it big I could probably spend a fortune. But I am a cheapskate at heart and so mine will never rival those tags that I am in love with. Oh well just as well. Just wanted to share.

Until next time peeps, Happy Crafting

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