Monday, February 9, 2009

It's just another day.

Well, it's just another day. To work, to cook dinner, to call the family checking on them. To spend a few minutes doing some kind of craft that I enjoy.

To say a prayer for those in need. The fires in Australia, losing all those lives, people all over losing their homes, people with cancer, families in turmoil, our government, the stimulas debates

It seems so hard and almost too heavy to bare.

And then you remember there is one so much bigger than you. One who can take care of even the smallest problem.

I sent the above picture to a group I'm on. Last year there was a momma bear with 4 cubs who came around daily. How she managed those cubs amazed me. She would nuzzle them, disipline them and teach them. Kinda like our Lord does us.... if we are paying attention we learn our lessons.

This is a set I made from glass beads I got from Michael's. I love doing jewelry. It calms me. I made about 25 sets (pendent and earrings) for presents this Christmas for all the girls at work. I discovered one thing.... it is really hard to choose jewelry for others. This set includes a ring. I didn't really have the right gauge of wire to do a ring but I usually manage anway.

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