Tuesday, February 3, 2009

World's Ugliest Quilt

This is my "world's ugliest quilt". Did you ever picture a design and a color scheme.... put it together and discover that is was awful? Well, that's how this raggy quilt turned out. I had all these fat quarters and wanted to use them up.
A raggy quilt is squares of fabric, interfacing and fabric sandwiched together then sewn together but the seams are visable. You then clip the seams about a quarter inch apart. Throw it in the washer then dry it. The clipped edges fringe out making it look raggy. You use 100% cotton or home spun fabrics. Although if using home spuns you have to clean your washed out and clean the lint trap of your dryer several times. Then you vaccum all the threads that are everywhere in your house. Then you vaccum again to get all the threads you missed the first time. If you ever attempt a rag quilt..... please shake the quilt out after washing then again after drying outside only. And I mean only outside or you will be vaccuming for days to come.

1 comment:

  1. IMO It is Beautiful, it reminds me of something my Grandmother made. To anyone else it is nothing but a quilt... but if you are lucky, someday it will be a treasure to someone who loves you.