Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Mother's Day Purse

Got up this morning and made this small purse. Along with the change purse and travel tissue cover. It took me an hour to draft the pattern and another 2 to make it.
It was fairly easy to make. Cut 2 panels of fabric 11 x 9 for the outer purse and 2 of the interfacing (rounding off the bottom corners). Cut 1 strip 4" by 25" for the gusset and 1 for the interfacing. Cut 1 strip 3" x 24" for the handle and 1 for the interfacing.
This will construct the outer purse. For the lining I cut 2 lining pieces 11 x 9 , 1 strip 4" x 25". And put them together like I did the outer pieces. I did add a pocket inside and a magnetic snap for closure. The tissue pack cover I found at and the change purse is just two squares of fabric with a zippered opening.
I finished it and sat down. Dumped all my things out of my old purse and began filling my new one up. But even after down sizing the new summery purse was still too small for all my things. Such a shame! I guess, I'll be making a larger purse for my self after all. My little Mother's Day purse will be going into my craftshoww bin for this coming September Fall Festival.

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