Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's have a Labor Day Party

Here it is the last day of August. Where did the summer go? One last time to have a party before we get back into the work and school routines. I was looking for some cute ideas to use as party favors and found these on Ebay. These would be easy to do... purchase a dozen or so of these plastic parfait tumblers and 2 or so dozen washcloths, some contrasting or matching ribbon and a few fake pieces of fruit. Although you could use Femo clay and make your own fruit. Twist the washcloths together. Wrap with the ribbon and place them into the tumblers. Add a plastic spoon or those twisty straws. You now have some adorable party favors for that end of summer Labor Day Party or Picnic. These would also be quite appropriate for birthday parties. Forgo the napkins and let them use these.
As I always say... you have to love the ingenuity of people. I have no imagination to come up with these ideas but I can usually figure out how they did it and make my own. Can you believe we only have less than 4 months until Christmas? That is amazing! I'm not sure exactly what I'll do for Christmas this year. Going to have to search the web for some frugal Christmas ideas. I heard that the U.S. is running out of sugar. Can't make holiday cookies and sweets without sugar. I'm going to have to stockpile sugar for the holidays I guess. It has already began to get more expensive.

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  1. Those are cute ideas, I have never made party favors for any type of party that I have thrown over the years. Never comes to mind I guess.

    As for sugar going up in price that is not the only thing. Every time I go shopping anymore I have sticker shock because the stores keep hiking everything up.

    This year I decided I am making 80 percent of the gifts I give at Christmas. I have so much craft supplies that I have had piling up here for years and I am breaking into them finally since I seem to have time on my hands. It definitely will help me to save money by doing this I just will be a busy gal for a while. I actually already started my gift making this week.

    I am amazed at how fast summer went by as well. It was a good summer here for the most part though.