Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Addition and Tutorial

We have a new addition to our family. My hubby got him for me as a present. Picture of him is after the tutorial. The cell phone is for size comparison.
He is a 10 week old weenie dog. My youngest granddaughter gave us his name. So meet "Puppy".
Not very imaginative but cute none the less.
He is so full of himself and loves cuddles and kisses.
So now comes the (Fun ? ) part. House breaking him and training him one a leash.
We went last night to buy a collar but didn't have any luck so I thought until I train him, I'll just make him one. This would never hold a grown dog but is ideal for a puppy.

How to make a collar for a new puppy:
First find a scrap of fabric you like. Measure around the puppy's neck and add 1 inch. My puppy's neck measures 7 inches, so I cut a strip 8" x 2 inches. I also cut some Ultra Firm interfacing the same length. Next step: fold the fabric around the interfacing equally.

Then you fold the whole length in half and pin in place to hold.

I then sewed a 2 inch strip and placed it with the edges inside the folded strip. This will form the loop to latch the leash on. Sew up the length of the folded strip keeping close to the edge.
I then remeasured it (I got it way too long). I added a small strip of velcro to one side and to the out side of the other side. I hope that makes sense.

And there you go.... a training collar for your littlest addition.
I'll post a picture as soon as I can to show you just how cute he is in his new collar.

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