Saturday, October 10, 2009

Half way into October

I've been gone for a little over a month. I needed to get some things sorted out in my life. I know we all have times that seem almost overwhelming and that was my life for awhile. I have not done alot of crafting this past month. I've been looking alot just not doing.
I did the fall festival and it went really well. I sold almost all my tutus and all of the marshmallow guns. Plus I am still working on orders from the show. I was a little disappointed in not selling any of the bibs and bears or bonnets. But I guess people were just not in the market for these at this time. I had made plenty of aprons but so did alot of other booths. Last year not one booth had an apron to be found. There was plenty of primitive art but no one was buying them. I do think 65.00 for a small primitive doll is a little much. I know alot of work goes into them but in this economy people are not willing to spend like that. At least not in this area.
I've also taken some purse orders and welding cap orders. Finished 2 of the orders this week.
I've been wanting to find a new craft and will be posting when I find and finish one.

It's half way into October and so it's time to really start working on holiday crafts, decorations and Christmas gifts. One year I made all the kids stuffed dogs, one year I made everyone a quilt, one year I made everyone an embroidered scarf, last year it was everyone jewelry sets.
I can't figure out what I want to make this year but I know I need to figure it out in a hurry.
Until next time.... Take care and craft-craft-craft.

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