Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welding Caps Revisited

Over the last 2 months I have had 184 requests for a paper pattern for my welding cap tutorial. And that is just in the last 2 months. Unfortunately I donot have the means or time to send these out through the mail. That's alot of stamps and envelopes. I have a tut on my tutorial site that everyone is free to use. It is for a do rag. After Christmas I will get a tutorial together for the welding caps or at least try to. I am not real good with figuring out how to make a pattern that you can print off and not have to worry about the sizing. If you are interested my site is
I hope this helps and am truely sorry that I cannot send everyone a written pattern personally.
I will be updating soon. Until then Merry Christmas!


  1. Please update soon for welding caps!! Everyone is anxiously waiting...

  2. So sorry..I apologize because I didn't see your updated Jan. 22, 2012 reply I will use the instructions you gave in that answer.
    Thanks so much