Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Gotta Love Aprons

I needed an apron. Or did I just want one?

Anyway I decided to make one. I used 2 different but matching fabrics. I cut the apron panel on the fold 18" wide by 20" long. I cut 5 pieces from contrasting fabric the length of fabric by 3 inches. I then started at the left hand corner and measured up 6" and across 6" then rounded the corner off. I did a gathering stitch on the top of the apron panel. Hemmed together 3 of the strips and ran a gathering stitch across that strip. I then hemmed the apron panel and attached the gathered strip around the hemmed bottom. I then sewed the 2 other strips together and pinned and sewed this strip to the top of the apron panel. Folded it over and made my belted tie.

I also added a small pocket to the front of the apron.

I think it turned out really cute but I think next time I will make it shorter.

It turned out looking like a longer version of a french maid apron.

Kinda retro and kicky.

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