Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making Gifts

I love making gifts for people. Here is a gift pack I made for a friend. She is all about animal prints. This tote has a hot pink lining with 6 pockets inside and 2 outside. I find it funny how people like different things. Some people would not carry this tote bag if their life depended on it. While others would find this the perfect tote. Fun and wild!
This tote is rather easy. Simply measure 5 inches by 12 inches cut 2 for the top. 6 inches x 12" for the bottom (you then cut out 2 inch squares from either corner on the bottom). The black strips between the zebra print are 1 1/2" x 6" cut 4 of these. The zebra print measures 4" x 6" cut out six of these. Next you would follow the placement of all by looking at my picture.
The lining is made by laying the tote panel down on the lining fabric and using it as a pattern cut out the lining. Add interfacing if you like to make it a bit stiffer. Handles get sandwiched between the outer tote and the lining. This is the accessories I made to go with the tote. A checkbook cover, a large change purse and a travel tissue pack cover. The inside of all also has the hot pink lining. The pattern for the change pursre and the checkbook cover are my own. How hard is it to measure a checkbook cover and copy the dimensions. The change purse was basically measure your zipper and add length to the bottom. The tissue pack cover came from doing a google search. There are tons of free directions for all 3 items on line. Google and search. It sometimes takes a bit to look through a lot of sites but it is always worth the effort.

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