Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cute little Post It Note Holders

I'm back to crafting. My crafting block finally melted. So I've been trying to get ready for a small craft show in February. Now you know how I love Pinterest. I ran across these cute little Post It Note Holders a couple of months ago. The other day I ran across the acrylic picture frames at the Dollar Tree. I picked up 5 of them, a couple of generic post it note tablets each holding 4 packs of notes. I already had the scrap book papers and small pencils.
So here is how I made them....
I acrylic picture frame that measures 3.5 x 5.
scraps of thick scrap book paper
Elastic pony tail holders or ribbon
Paper punches
 a few buttons
and 1 small pencil

Cut the paper to fit the frame. Then just slide it in the back of frame. I then hot glued the post it note pack on the front of the frame. I glued the paper cut out to the pony tail holder and added a button. You can use ribbon if you prefer. You just glue the paper cutout to the ribbon if that's your choice.
Slide the pencil or pen behind the ribbon or ponytail holder and voila! Cute little gift or craft show item.
Total cost is $1.50 or under.
Now you can't get much cheaper for such a cute gift. Not sure how much I will charge. I'm thinking maybe 4.00
Well back to it. Until next time....
Happy Crafting1

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