Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bibs and Bears

You got to love bibs and bears. Bibs that look cute and also protect those so expensive baby clothes. Bibs can be really cheap and so it doesn't matter if you have to throw them away after several or several hundred uses. On the other hand they can cost a small fortune, depending on the name brand or the store where purchased. You can get bibs just about in any store that has a baby section. But I decided to make them for all the baby showers I get invites for.
Okay, I wanted something else to go with the little bib so I drew out this little 6 inch bear. Used matching fabric and embroidered a little face on the bear. Yes, I know the thing is not perfect but did you know that the Amish create a flaw in everything them create. It is their way of remembering that no one is perfect except the Lord.
Well anyways I think it's an adorable set for gift giving.
I've made at least a half dozen of them so far. All in different fabric to match the bib of the moment. I actually have 3 showers coming up really fast. Of course I will be giving other items too. But some of the things I've made have actually been passed down from friends and family children to their children.

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