Saturday, January 9, 2010

Angel Cross Stitching

I began cross stitching years ago but only do it from time to time. I made this little bag for my oldest granddaughter to carry. First I cross stitched by hand on Ada then used the panel and fabric. Just did a quick casing top and ran a ribbon through to use as handles. She said she liked it but she is almost 13 and into a bit more adult themes. Oh well I enjoyed making it. I have had an embroidery machine for several years now but I still like to do it by hand in front of the TV sometimes. Most of the time when you google embroidery patterns you get machine embroidery designs. There are less and less hand embroidery designs available as time goes by. Does that mean that it to is a dying art like sewing? Life has become so convenient and hurried that no one wants to learn the art of crafting. In my job place out of a few hundred people you can count on one hand the people who actually sewing or so do any hand crafts. This is so sad and I think it has also caused the price of fabrics, threads and yarns to become pricey. Not enough people doing it for the companies to make alot of money without charging an arm and leg. If you are a sewist (sounds better than sewer) how many times have people found out you can sew and hit you up to do alterations and mending for them. And if they offer to pay you ... it's no where near what you should get for your services. Funny how every body wants you to do it just not willing to pay what you're worth. Would they go into Olen Mills or a mechanics shop and ask they to do a job for them and then give them some sort of monetary compensation? I think not!
Okay... I'm climbing down off my soap box.

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