Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beer Carton Cowboy Hat

Although I donot drink beer, I was asked to try to do a cowboy hat made from the empty beer cartons several years ago when recycled crafts were all the rage. Recycled hats, recycled juice pouch purses and accessories. Everyone wanted to learn how to make purses from empty juice pouches like capri sun and Koolaid juice pouches. Then people got even more creative and started making purses, hats and accessories out of just about anything you can think of potato chip bags, pepsi cartons sandwiched between clear vinyl,dog food bags, coffee sacks, even beer cartons... like this cowboy hat. People were selling these at craft shows for around 25.00 to 35.00. This actually is made from 2 beer cartons. I fiddled with several before I was able to make it. I posted a tutorial on my tut site; if interested you can find the step by step instructions free www.itsmybag.myeweb.net
Yes some say they are a bit tacky but rednecks up my way love this stuff. You know someone like that... beer drinkin, truck drivin, fun lovin, just a good ol' boy.


  1. Hi, I left you a comment on your post from Feb. 2009 regarding welding beanie/caps. Please, if you have time, read my comment and reply. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kimmy, I just read your comments. If you will please give me a couple of days I will get that tut to you. Check back in a couple of days. K?