Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Money Tree

I love making these. Can't figure out what to get that special person as a gift. So you decided to give them money. Well make them a money tree. It's easy to do and quite the crowd pleaser. I made this one for my nephew. I took a fallen branch from the yard (about 18" tall), I added some metal garland sold at the Dollar Tree for 1.00. I wrapped all the branches with this then I added flowers to every other branch with hot glue. Planted it into a piece of styrafoam and placed it into a cheap clay pot about $1.00. Then I added some peat moss which I hot glued in place. Next I pleated about 10 one dollar bills and 2 five dollar bills and used some floral wire to tie them onto the branches of the tree.
I have in the past glued those chocolate money coins on the branches as well.
If you are going to do one. Think up themes and try to add the themed items to the tree as well. If you are doing one for a golfer... you could attach a few golf balls to the base and attach the tees by dangling them from the branches. If you know a kid or grown up who is crazy for cars. Dangle some match box cars from the branches. You are only limited by your imagination.

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