Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Booties Galore

I have gone Bootie Crazy. These things are addicting. I don't even have a baby to give these to. But I'll just save them until I need them for a baby shower or two. With just a bit of felt and some hand stitching you can create an adorable fashion accessory for the little one in your life. I have had an awful last couple of weeks. With a funeral, a reunion, work and dealing with every day pressures, I'm surprised I have gotten any sewing done. has tons of patterns for baby shoes so if you want a pair go check this site out. Of course there are tons of patterns out there if you google them up.
The pair of ballet shoes with matching headband (below) is my own adapted from several patterns I found online. I made them with a animal print cotton, added ribbons for tying. The headband is several layers of ribbon attached to a inexpensive headband I bought at Family Dollar 6 for 3.00. There are several really good sites to teach one how to make a bow or two. is one of my favorite sites for this.
This little pair of felt booties I embroidered using my regular machine.
This little pair of ballet booties I hand embroidered and used those inexpensive snaps that can be bought on cardboard sheets for under 2.00

This little pair of booties I did the same as the others only this time I sewed a cute little plastic butterfly to each strap.

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