Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Marzipan, Baby

Some one sent me an email recently of pictures of things made from marzipan. This is by far the most detailed and adorable thing I have ever seen. The lady (whom ever she may be) formed this precious little baby from just a wad of sugar, shortening and water. Hand painted it with maybe food color or acrylics, I'm not really sure.
I have in the past seen fruits and flowers made from marzipan. They decorate the tops of candies and cakes around the holidays. And yes it is very edible but come on... who could even think of eating this little treasure. It belongs under glass to just adore.
If you are interested in learning marzipan simple do a quick (LOL) search in your web browser.
Type in the words how to make marzipan. You will be shocked at what is available.

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