Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tutu Much

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am trying to get ready for a craftshow. I am doing lots of baby and children items for this one. I have been searching the internet for easy cute ideas and came across a no-sew tutu tutorial. This is my first attempt. Lilac tulle intermixed with white tulle. I purchased 4 rolls of white tulle at the Dollar Tree and 2 rolls of lilac tulle JoAnn Fabrics for 2.50 each. I like the rolls of tulle. They come in 6 inch rolls and have about 25 yards of tulle.
I simply cut lengths of 24 inches. Butterfly wrapped each piece around the length of elastic. I used 1 roll of lilac and 1 1/2 rolls of white. The white tulle rolls from Dollar Tree only had 8 yards each. I already had the 1/2 inch elastic and a roll of sheer 1/4 inch ribbon but if you had to buy the ribbon it would cost about .50 cents.
I guess it cost me about $5.00 to make the tutu adding the cost of everything I had and bought. You can get a good tutorial with pictures at
Cute, cute, cute! I then did a flower headband. A crocheted headband in purple with a bit of tulle glued to it and a pretty purple flower (with the stem removed) glued to that.
Simple and adorable!
There are people who are making a decent living making tuts and headwear. Just look on ebay and etsy and several groups that have forums for people who make these.
So after I got this done I went to Wal-mart and bought several yards of tulle by the yard. I cut the tulle up into strips and began making another one. I did find out that I should have bought at least another 2 yards but I pick it up later next week.
This particular tutu will fit a child age 4 - 6 years. I think I will charge about $20.00 for the set.
Thats alot cheaper than ebay, etsy or the other websites I have been looking at.

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